Faculty Listing

COSMOS Faculty

COSMOS instructors are drawn from the rich and diverse pool of scientists and researchers throughout the UC Santa Cruz community. Instructors are chosen for their knowledge and aptitude in their fields, and their strong desire to enhance the educational experience of younger students. In addition to the instructors listed below, the COSMOS academic experience is supported by numerous laboratory, library, and administrative staff members through UCSC.

Please note that COSMOS faculty and instructors are subject to change each year.

Richard Gottesman, PhD Candidate
Math Department, UCSC
Number Theory (Cluster 1)

Robert Hingtgen, PhD Candidate
Math Department, UCSC
Graph Theory, Probability Theory, and Cryptography (Cluster 1)

Shaowei Chen, PhD
Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, UCSC
Nanomaterials: Chemistry and Energy/Electronic Sciences (Cluster 2)

Roger Terrill, PhD
Chemistry Department, SJSU
Nanotechnology: Molecular Control (Cluster 2)  

Shawn Noren, PhD
Research Associate, IMS-UCSC
Marine Mammal Biology (Clusters 3 and 8)

Susan Schwartz, PhD
Earth & Planetary Sciences Department, UCSC
Glaciers, Climate Change and Ecology (Cluster 3)

Susan Kelly, PhD Candidate
University of Illinois
Glaciers, Climate Change, and Ecology (Cluster 3)

Baldo Marinovic, PhD
Ocean Sciences Department, UCSC
Biological Oceanography (Clusters 4 and 8)

Marcelo Viana Neto, PhD Candidate
Digital Arts and New Media Department, UCSC
Video Game Design (Cluster 5)

Elizabeth Swensen, Professor
Digital Arts and New Media, UCSC
Video Game Design (Clsuter 5)

Benjamin Spalding, PhD Candidate
Digital Arts and New Media Department, UCSC
Video Game Design (Cluster 5)

Tracy Larrabee, PhD
Computer Engineering Department, UCSC 
Computer Networking (Cluster 6)

Gabriel Elkaim, PhD
Computer Engineering Department, UCSC
Introductory Embedded Systems and Robotics (Cluster 6)

Puragra Guha Thakurta, PhD
UCO/Lick Observatory
Astronomy and Astrophysics, UCSC
Astronomy Today: Observing the Universe (Cluster 7)

Bruce Margon, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Astronomy and Astrophysics Department, UCSC
Astrophysics (Cluster 7)