COSMOS Research Projects

Final Project - Research and Presentation

Communicating about math and science is a large component of the work of scientists and mathematicians. Because clear communication is so essential to good science, all COSMOS students will enroll in a transferable skills course. The transferable skills course is designed to enhance the students understanding of the material addressed in their clusters and facilitate their ability to accurately and explicitly communicate their scientific research. It is also where students will work on their final projects.

Students will design and develop a final project based on their studies and interests. With the help of their transferable skills faculty and cluster faculty, students will identify and develop a research topic. Students will have access to university resources including teaching laboratories and libraries, to perform the research necessary to complete their project.

On the last day of the program, students will present their final project to their peers. This is a learning experience for all involved, creating an informal and non-threatening forum. As students are not graded for the work they do in COSMOS, cooperation and collaboration are encouraged.

Home Presentation

In order to officially complete the COSMOS program and become a COSMOS Alumnus, a student must present their final project or a presentation about their COSMOS experience to their home community. Last summer, students presented to groups such as high school math and science classes or clubs, scout troops, and/or teacher and school administration groups. Once students have presented at home and have sent our office the required documentation, they are sent an official COSMOS certificate of completion and academic evaluation.