Application Preparation


 general flyer

Download our up-to-date program flyer for information about all four of the University of California campuses offering COSMOS this upcoming summer.

To download our 2017 flyer, click here.

 app checklist

Applying to COSMOS is a multi-step process! Help yourself stay organized and ahead of the game by downloading our COSMOS application checklist so you can be prepared to apply as soon as our application is available on January 17th!

To download our checklist, click here.

 application worksheet

To officially apply to the COSMOS program you must submit an online application at between January 17th and February 17th.

Download and use this practice application worksheet to help you prepare your application in advance! Get a jump start on starting your application by downloading this worksheet today!

To download worksheet, click here.

 fa app

There is a tuition required of all students who attend COSMOS, but financial aid is available!
All financial aid applications must be completed and submitted to the UC campus to which you are applying, along with a copy of your parent or guardian's most recent tax return no later than February 17th

To download our financial assistance application in English, click here.

To download our financial assistance application in Spanish, click here.

 teacher recommendation

Each applicant is required to have 2 teacher recommendations submitted on their behalf. You will be asked to provide the email addresses of the teachers you are requesting recommendations from, and an email will then be sent to those teachers containing a link to a questionnaire they must complete online by February 18th.
This worksheet is intended to be used as a guide for teachers to use in preparation. ONLY the online form submitted by your teacher will be accepted. This worksheet should not be completed by hand and sent to any COSMOS office.

To download our Teacher Recommendation Worksheet, click here.

 tips to apply

Applying to the COSMOS program can seem like a challenging endeavor, but with the right preparation, knowledge, and effort it doesn't have to be challenging at all!
Take a look at our handout offering some tips on how to become a successful and more competitive applicant.

To download our Tips on Applying Worksheet, click here.