Cluster 6: Introduction to Smart Power

Prerequisite: There are no course prerequisites for this cluster.

Introduction to Smart Power

Instructor: Yu Zhang, PhD, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Instructor: Gabriel Intriago; Yu Zhang, PhD (advisor), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

This course aims to provide a breadth of knowledge of power systems, smart grids, as well as renewable energy sources and storage. Students will understand the relation between power grids and the internet. Various renewables such as solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and tidal energy will be introduced. Solar- and wind-site assessment, electric vehicles, and sustainable microgrids will be discussed. Important concepts of electrical machinery, power electronics, and industrial internet of things will also be described. Finally, the latest research topics on grid resilience under extreme events (e.g., wildfires and earthquakes), electrical faults, and energy data  analytics will be presented. There will be a few hands-on lab sessions for facilitating students' understanding of electricity fundamentals.

Transferable Skills: Tools for Success

It may or may not surprise you that being a university researcher requires a whole host of skills outside of the specific scientific knowledge required of your chosen discipline or specialty. It requires communication skills such as the ability to present your work in writing and orally. It requires competencies in the realm of information technology including the ability to find and judge (the validity of) information and use a variety of hardware and software tools (e.g. spreadsheets, databases, statistics software, other data manipulation tools). It requires all of those skills to effectively conduct research such as data collection, analysis and interpretation, critical thinking and problem solving as well as the ability to conduct laboratory and/or field work. And, of course, a baseline competency in English, science, mathematics and computers is critical.

The governing mission of the UCSC COSMOS Transferable Skills course is to promote students’ future academic (and professional) success through the exploration and development of transferable skills: i.e. those competencies that students develop while in school which facilitate academic achievement, the eventual transition into the work- force and which are applicable in many other life situations.