Academic Cluster Overview

COSMOS students enroll in one course "cluster" for the duration of the four-week program. Each cluster focuses on a different science, mathematics, or engineering topic. Each cluster will enroll up to 25 students.

Each cluster is comprised of two science, math and/or engineering courses and one transferable skills course. Each course is designed and instructed by UCSC faculty, lecturers, researchers and graduate students. During the four weeks, students research and prepare a final project which is presented to other students and their home communities.

 Summer 2021 Cluster offerings:

  1. Number Theory and Discrete Math* On HOLD / Not offered in 2021
  2. Nanochemistry and Nanotechnology
  3. Blubber, Feathers, and Fur: Exploring Animals in the Ocean and on Land
  4. The Physics of Single-Atom-Thick Sheets *
  5. Video Game Design: From Concept to Code
  6. Introduction to Smart Power
  7. Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology
  8. Marine Mammals and Oceanography: From Prey to Predators
  9. The Building Blocks of Life: Molecules and Cells in Biology
  10. Semiconductor Materials and Devices Engineering*
  11. Feedback Control with Applications to Robotics
  12. Scattering and Diffraction of Materials

*Some clusters require the completion of certain high school courses. Before applying to a cluster, make sure that you have completed all of the necessary pre-requisites.