Residential Student Life


COSMOS students live in UCSC's College Nine residence halls under the supervision of on-site staff, including a Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE) and a team of undergraduate Resident Assistants (RAs). Students will share either a double or a triple room furnished with a phone jack(s), Ethernet port(s) (Ethernet cable not provided), and a wireless internet connection. Each resident is provided with an extra long twin mattress bed (80” x 36” x 6”), a dresser, a closet, a wastebasket, a bookshelf, a desk and a chair. Residents are encouraged to bring a desk lamp for their bedroom. All rooms are carpeted and have blinds, a soft fluorescent overhead light, and a heater. All residence halls are completely smoke-free.

For more information about the College Nine dormitories, please visit the College Nine webpage, but please be aware that College Nine staff will not be able to answer questions specific to the COSMOS program. All questions about housing for the COSMOS program should be directed to our COSMOS staff.


Residence hall food is served cafeteria style, three times daily with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Boxed meals are made available during academic field trips and off-campus residential activities.

Health Services:

Medical services are available for COSMOS participants at the UCSC Health Center on a "fee-for-service" basis.  Facilities include a complete outpatient clinic staffed by physicians and nurses, supported by a clinical laboratory. The Health Center does not accept any form of insurance.  For this reason, if your child needs to see a doctor, we do our best to take him or her to a doctor in Santa Cruz who will honor your insurance, though this is not always possible.  Upon admission to the program, all parents must complete and sign a "Consent for Care of Minor" form and a "Health History" form as a condition of admission to UCSC COSMOS. After-hours and emergency services will be provided by Dominican Hospital in the city of Santa Cruz.  If a medical situation arises, our staff is always in constant communication with the family of the student.

Recreational Activities:

Every afternoon, students have the opportunity to participate in recreational activities. Some examples of afternoon activities include:

Student Conduct:

COSMOS students are expected to be considerate of fellow COSMOS students, faculty, and staff. This includes actively listening to your professors and residential staff, and adhering to the rules set forth in the Participant Agreement and the COSMOS handbook.