Jul 6
COSMOS Begins! (Move-in Day!)
Aug 2
COSMOS Ends! (Move-out Day!)

Application  Information

Summer 2015 Applicants: COSMOS 2015 Application will be available in January 2015. 

COSMOS Photos!

Cluster 1 students playing a logic game as part of their COSMOS academic Cluster 2 COSMOS Students conducting lab experiments! Cluster 3 exploring the organisms of the Pacific Ocean. Cluster 4 students hard at work in the lab learning about the wonders of everyday chemistry. COSMOS student deep in thought during Cluster 5's academic time learning about video game design and coding. Cluster 6 students hard at work during academic time. A group of Cluster 7 students viewing a squid dissection! A group of Cluster 8 students at the Seymour Center A group of COSMOS Students during recreational time.

COSMOS Newsletter: Our Universe

To see whats happening at this year's COSMOS, click here.

COSMOS Statewide

Four University of California Campuses currently offer a COSMOS summer program. Click the cooresponding links below to visit the other COSMOS program websites.

The COSMOS Program is administered statewide by the University of California Office of the President (UCOP).


COSMOS at UCSC is housed within the Educational Partnership Center (EPC) under the Division of Undergraduate Education.