What about COVID-19?

COSMOS is committed to upholding the highest safety standards for our students and staff. We continue to follow  guidance from the University as well as federal, state and county governing agencies, in order to implement a thorough COVID-19 safety plan to limit the risk of positive cases during our  program. We expect our students and families to support a safe and healthy learning environment by following the guidelines.

We will be conducting periodic testing, having all students remain on campus over the weekends, limiting academic and residential field trips. 

Vaccination and Testing

All COSMOS students are required to show proof of vaccination and a negative COVID test 48 hours or less before arrival.

We anticipate the need for testing throughout the length of the program.  Please acquire and bring 4 FDA-approved rapid/antigen tests (for which you can get reimbursed through your/your parents’ insurance policies) with you in July in order to supplement the supply that COSMOS will have.

Mask Requirements

The status of mask wearing on campus as of 6/14/22 is:

While not required, indoor masking remains strongly recommended by campus leadership and local public health officials regardless of an individual’s vaccination status.

As a program, we are asking that everyone (students & families) wear a mask on opening day, inside and outside. 

12-hour Pick Up Policy

Parents, guardians or an emergency contact must be available to pick the student up from the UC Santa Cruz campus in the event that a COSMOS student tests positive for COVID-19 during the program.