Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

To confirm your attendance by April 12th, 2023, please complete the following.

  1. Accept our offer in the student portal
  2. Pay 1/3rd of tuition through the parent portal

By May 6th, please complete the following.

  1. Complete program waivers (received a link in your acceptance email)
  2. Complete the DocuSign packet sent directly to you by UCSC COSMOS
  3. Pay remaining tuition


  1. Clothing for both hot and cold weather (layers). Note: Summertime fog in Santa Cruz means mornings and evenings are quite chilly.
  2. Closed-toe walking shoes. Note: The UCSC campus is large and has many steep hills.
  3. Comfortable shoes for walking (and necessary for entering labs on campus)
  4. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hairbrush, etc.
  5. Refillable water bottle
  6. Sunscreen & hat for sun protection
  7. Sheets & blankets or sleeping bag for an extra-long twin (it gets cold at night!)
  8. Pillow & pillow case
  9. Towels for shower and pool/beach
  10. Laundry Detergent (detergent pods are NOT allowed in the UCSC washing machines)
  11. Pens/pencils, and notebook. Check –in with cluster faculty to see if other materials are required.
  12. Laptop

Medication Note: All medication must be listed on Health history/services form. COSMOS staff cannot administer any medications so students should ideally bring anything they may need.  Some over-the-counter medications will be available should the need arise.


  1. Alarm clock
  2. Coat hangers
  3. Backpack
  4. Swimsuit (We may have access to the UCSC pool)
  5. Shower shoes/flip flops
  6. Cell phone
  7. Camera
  8. Games or sports equipment (some will be provided)
  9. Calculator 
  10. Spending money. Note: Students will need money for laundry or if they would like to buy something from one of the cafes open on campus during the summer *these may be visited only with the company of COSMOS staff on select occasions
  11. Snacks . Note: Three meals will be provided every day, including when students are away from campus on field trips, but the dining hall will be closed when not serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Do Not Bring:

  1. An automobile and/or bicycle
  2. Valuable items (there are no lockers to store your valuable items)
  3. Weapons, fireworks, explosives, candles
  4. Drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes or e/cigarettes
  5. Skateboards or rollerblades (Not permitted on campus)
  6. Pets (this includes opening and closing day; dogs are not permitted on the UCSC campus)

Students have access to the laundry rooms in the dorms.  They will have time to do laundry on the weekends and some weekday evenings.  Things to know:

  • Washers cost $1.00, Dryers cost $0.75
  • Liquid detergent only (NO Pods)
  • Credit cards, debit cards or contactless pay options (ie. Apple Pay) are accepted, NO CASH

Absolutely!  We collect mail for students every weekday.  Letters and packages are allowed – just nothing perishable or alive.  Mail should be sent to:

Student’s Name
UCSC COSMOS – Cluster #(1-12)
Central Conference Office
1156 High St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Please contact the UCSC COSMOS office via e-mail at