What is COSMOS?

The California State Summer School for Mathematics & Science

COSMOS is a 4-week, residential summer program for high school scholars with demonstrated interest and achievement in math and science. COSMOS provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to work side-by-side with outstanding researchers and UC Santa Cruz faculty, covering topics that extend beyond the typical high school curriculum. 

2022 Program Info. Sessions for Admitted Students & Families

In order to prepare students and families for the COSMOS experience, we are offering Info. Sessions via Zoom on June 14th (6pm), 15th (12pm) and 16th (6pm).

Please attend just ONE of these sessions, as capacity for each is capped at 300.  We will share some things with you all and allow for question/answer time as well.

Zoom link for June 14th at 6pm PST
Zoom link for June 15th at 12pm PST
Zoom link for June 16th at 6pm PST

Dates & Deadlines

  • June 14, 15, 16

    COSMOS 2022 Info. Sessions via Zoom

  • JUL 10

    COSMOS 2022 Opening Day!
  • AUG 6

    COSMOS 2022 Closing Day


Explore our COSMOS “clusters” or courses provided here at UCSC by clicking the images below!  Each cluster is comprised of two science, math and/or engineering courses and one transferable skills course.  (if an “*” follows the cluster title, that cluster has a prerequisite)

Our Newsletter

Each summer, a group of COSMOS students publish a weekly e-newsletter during the program, Macrocosm. See the program through their eyes through the links below.

2022 Program

While we ran a remote program in 2021, we are running in-person at the UC Santa Cruz campus in 2022. We are excited about this in-person, residential experience and will make it the best possible experience for all!